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Rising Tide of Job Scams Targeting Job Seekers on LinkedIn and Beyond

Finding jobs online is convenient in a digital world, but scammers are out there. They pretend to offer employment on ...

India’s Historic Achievement: Chandrayaan-3’s Successful Moon Landing and Space Exploration Milestones

In a big accomplishment, India's space agency ISRO successfully landed a robotic spacecraft, Chandrayaan-3, on the Moon. This is a ...

Top 7 Technologies to Evidence In Future Transportation

Today, the world is witnessing revolutionary changes in almost every industry with the advancement of technology. The transportation industry is ...

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist: Spring Edition

Now that spring has appeared, it's time to think about spring cleaning – for your vehicle! Winters can be harsh ...

Hertz and Polestar announce a global strategic partnership to accelerate electric vehicle adoption.

The Scope Of Electric Vehicle Adoption In India Electric Vehicle Industry is rapidly changing every year. However, India lags in ...

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Denzil Samuels: The Experienced, Enthusiastic, and Inspiring Tech Leader, Making a Difference in CISCO’S Progressive Journey

Moving strong on the solid shoulders of an influential tech leader, board member, and seasoned business professional, Denzil Samuels, Global Leader for Cisco’s Partner Ecosystem for Customer Experience (CX), leads the transformation of that ecosystem from one that is focused on hardware support services to one that embraces and drives solutions (hardware and software) and […]